International scientific conference 08.06.21

On April 15-16, our DP2 students participated in Scientific Conference for IB DP students dedicated to the Collaboration in Science and its Importance for IB DP students organized by The Romanov School.

Despite the general scientific focus of the conference, the reports of our speakers were closely related to economic issues: Veronica Kukushkina spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on the behavior of investors in the United States, and Masha Abdurashitova reported on her research on the most economically efficient dealing with municipal solid waste.

Chemistry, physics and biology were presented by works of our DP2 students: Ilya Koltsov, Anna Khozinskaya and Stephen Golzari. Stephen talked about his work in synthetic organic chemistry. Anya had two reports one after the other: about the effect of the fluoride anion on tooth enamel and about its content in various types of tea. Ilya also reported twice: with the work dedicated to the theoretical combustion of cyclopropanes and with the study of refractive rays.

Zhanna Zakharova finished the performance of DP2 with a mathematical study of the dependence of a student's predicted grade on the final grade.

Such events are an excellent experience of presenting the work and being on stage. It is also a good reason to communicate with students of other IB schools, so we hope that such conferences will become traditional. Thanks to the Romanov school for organizing, thanks to the guys for their interesting reports!