Unity in Diversity 15.03.21

School does not involve classes, break bells and home work. School is a miraculous world of hobbies, which might become careers in future. That is why it stands to reason that it is a matter of paramount importance to define one’s own preferences and interests in High school.

High School integrates students who are engaged in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which is proud of not only a high - quality academic component but also of a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as excursions, conferences and brain rings. A teleconference between students of school 1329 and students of Nazarbaev Intellectual School in Pavlodar took place on February 13th which took the form of debates in the English language on the theme “Codes of the 21st century”. The teams from both schools included 6 members. Those taking part from our school were: Maria Abdurashitova, Irina Abdurashitova, Ilya Koltzov, Stephen Golzary, Elena Sergeichik, Elizaveta Rozhevskaya, Lianna Clarissa Ausley. Moreover, there were time keepers from both sides and unbiased international jury.

Presentations, as a form of home assignment, opened the meeting which demonstrated a profound preparation of the students and their knowledge of the issue in question. They were followed by a press-conference of the team leaders and finally the debates, the most thrilling and exciting part of the day. The audience could not help admiring the depth of solid argumentation, supporting evidence and facts which members of the both teams provided, as well as the fluency of speech and a perfect command of the English language. It appeared that the students could carry on talking forever but for the time deadline kept by the time keepers.

The meeting rounded off with the rivals’ exchange of opinions about their schools and they found out that they have got a lot of things in common: human values, belief in success in future on the basis of hard work and diligence.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that such activities do not only make school life more engrossing and fascinating but in the main more meaningful for each person.