School 1329 today

The success of each student is the foundation of our future.

Our mission: to create an environment for the development of successful, independent, responsible and socially active individuals who are able to think critically and creatively.

We focus on the best traditions of Russian education and modern teaching methods together with achievements of international educational systems.

From 2016, School No1329 has been a participant of the project “Moscow: International School of Quality” of the Moscow Department of Education. This project implements the International Baccalaureate programme in state education- al institutions that are under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Department of Education.

Our main goal is to reveal the talents of our students, support- ing and helping them realize their potential, while building and adjusting the trajectory of each individual student’s develop- ment throughout the training period.

School No1329 is a multi-educational complex that includes 2 schools and 3 preschools. The school has more than 2214 students and 828 kindergarten pupils.

The school buildings have spacious bright classrooms with interactive equipment sets, modern computer classes, a school library and museum, a universal sports hall equipped with retractable bleachers for spectators and fans, as well as large and small gyms, and swimming pools.

The school first opened its doors on September 1, 2004. Dur- ing this time, much has been done. Step by step we are moving forward. Everything that surrounds us and sets the overall rhythm of modern life, combined with the unique socio-cul- tural environment of Moscow, helps our students realize their fullest potential. In 2016, our school won third place in the ranking of Russian schools. Every year, we demonstrate high educational results. We are actively involved in the school Olympiad movement and career guidance projects, and also participate in urban creative competitions and sports compe- titions. Our children have become winners of the All-Russian Olympiad and won prizes in international competitions. We are proud that graduates become students of the best univer- sities in Moscow.

The school profiles are: foreign languages, physics and math- ematics, information technology, the bio-geographical and socio-humanitarian fields.

Behind every successful step is the hard work of all those par- ticipating in the educational process: the teachers, students and their parents, and the school administration staff. The con- structive and creative union of teachers and students prepares children for a life in the modern world.